That i Am Not

“That i Am Not” – Recorded 2/24/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

On a Saturday, seated.
i am watching the others, and they are dancing.
They move with grace across the shining wood, and in the mirrors lining the room i see them.
i am seated, trying my best not to crack and spill.

“What is missing, and why?”
Like the answer will just appear, after all these years.
my feet are stones, my legs long branches to sweep dust from the floor.
i try and i try to sing, but i often just gurgle and sometimes nothing comes out at all.

i could be anywhere, other than here.
i could be with anyone, other than You.

i would learn to string fire, like a fine thread or glowing golden yarn.
i would pave water underfoot, not sinking slowly or rising to meet.
i would move air around wings, feathered rows or otherwise unadorned.
i would send the Earth above and the great moon below, glowing or empty.

To feel, whatever it is that they feel.
To see, whatever it is that they see.
To be, whatever it is that they are, that i am not.

6 thoughts on “That i Am Not

  1. It’s early morning and cold where I live. Listening to you read your poem felt like being lulled into a sleep state, for a little while. I was the dancer, and I was the watcher. I had stones for feet and branches for legs to sweep the floor and my voice wouldn’t come. I haven’t visited in a while. My loss. Thank you for the dream. It was beautiful. ♥.

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    1. Your reply has sent the cold down my spine, though it is cold here as well and maybe I am just aware now. It means more than I can say, that you have found meaning in my words. Thank you so much for stopping by… I must do the same. I also have been absent, and I am missing everyone so much. 💙

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      1. I always find meaning in your words, even single time I visit. I want to do it more. But here’s the deal. No worries if you can’t. Life can be intense, especially in the past few years. But when you can, it’s great to see you! =) ♥.

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    1. How does one ban dancing? I feel that your crime was certainly justified and would support it with all my heart. I am learning to dance, myself, and though at times I feel like I am lost in this journey, I do see progress at others and the path appears. 💙🕺💃🎵🎶

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