Your worth

For You.

“Your worth” – Recorded 2/12/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

lay awake
still feel in a dream
day to break
no fright in head
for night spent
instead excitement
for light and bright days
praise sent
still will sleep but no waste
will keep you always
there’s no haste
to speed our pace
i just need
to see
a smile on your face
but not always
as there are bound
to be days where you feel down
and out of place
but even when you frown
when you are not around
you have a space
in my life
in my world
all love deserved
you are my girl
on my mind
all the time
a reminder
of the love we can find
right here
on this sphere
green blue Earth
a sign of true worth
no peer
a precious diamond of the rarest kind
formed and forged by life since birth
to be treasured
against no other measured
never tethered
but let to glow/shine
for though i keep you on my mind
you are your own
not to be owned, “mine”
more so
a sign
of the divine
a living church
you are a fine shrine
at the foot of which i will perch
knelt down to offer
all that is mine
that i might show
that you might know
there are no others
who can hold a flame
to your name
you are the finest
you shine the brightest
you are the peak
the pinnacle
i place you at the top
the highest.

not a thing could ever compare to you,
i’ll do whatever i need to do,
to show you this, that you might know,
you’re priceless, darling, i love you so.

she’s got so much worth like she was made of gold
when she walks the earth feel chills head to sole
but when you’re with her you are never cold
cause she lit that fire deep inside your soul
now you feel whole
like “what was even life before?”
never felt anything like this i’m sure
used to struggle just to get out of bed
out of your head
let alone out the door
now she makes you want to do that and more
stand up, she gives you an encore
sit down and she’ll be by your
a constant source of joy, of pride
it’s like she’s your
most cherished treasure
there is no pleasure
than to be together
never mind the weather
like sun that warms or lightning strikes and thunderstorms
new fun with old norms, hike/bike/run, or cuddled blankets, huddled under forms,
we make the most of it
get bread make toast of it
what goes unsaid
is just a ghost and it
will someday find a host where it’s supposed to sit
like a queen or king
a prince or princess
either way wearing a nice dress
not to impress
anyone, cause fuck that we do it all for fun
she knows she’s the only one
in my eyes
the high prize
i’m blessed just to be in her life
i’ll walk the fine line like a sharp knife
not to cut feet but to slice life
to pieces, two peanut butter cups (Reese’s)
love for sweets, sugar between the sheets
no cheats, though sometimes she teases,
this pleases
me and her both,
to know love isn’t just a bored trope
gives us more hope for new days,
for more ways
to show, do more than say
we love each other so,
always will,
always feel the light, the glow
you know we
living our best life,
can’t touch us we’re up like
top shelf,
love for one another, still love self
good health
she is a treasure
of the highest worth, the greatest gift
the most precious wealth.

not a thing could ever compare to you,
i’ll do whatever i need to do,
to show you this, that you might know,
you’re priceless, darling, i love you so.

i feel like she’s always shining
like the finest diamond
like “who the let the light in?”
i’m in
feeling like you were sent from
or below
i don’t care where
who knows
since you came into my life
it’s more highs
fewer lows
no lie
i confess see
it’s not like i’m stress free
but i feel like my best me
i’m not so depressed
i just need
a little bit of rest,
i keep
you pressed against my chest
you listen to my breath/beat
i will be here, don’t you worry
eyes open or asleep
whether we got all night or in a hurry
when you wake
i’ll be there to keep
you safe
i’ll hold you, you’ll be
in my arms, no weight
lighter than a feather
it’s like destiny, fate
we’ll be great
just you wait
and see
good lord look at me
i’m just letting this flow
letting it all go
satiated, i’m
elated like i’ve been set free
you think you can get me,
with your little fingers
trying to tickle,
elicit a giggle,
that’s okay,
i’m not upset, i’m blessed see
i feel like smiling, like laughing
rolling on the floor, till i can’t no more
sides are sore
eyes wide and
not hateful at the pain
just happy
grateful i can be
here with you and so grateful you are here
with me
should’ve known from the start
you had grown to be a part of me
and i will always leave
a place for you in my heart
you see
for though darling you are always free
to go your own way, to roam any time you need,
know you have a place, to call your own, a space
to call your home
should you not want to be
should you want to be
my arms are ready to hold
cause you’re a piece of my soul
partner, not just a moniker, it’s a role
i will uphold,
till i’m old and grey,
doesn’t matter…
it’ll be okay.
in dearth or without,
to you i’m devout
cause your worth
is what’s it’s all about.

not a thing could ever compare to you,
i’ll do whatever i need to do,
to show you this, that you might know,
you’re priceless, darling, i love you so.

no matter what you do, wherever you might be,
i hope you’ll always remember what you mean to me,
more than riches, gold, or pearls,
more than any number of handsome men or pretty girls.
you’re a precious masterpiece beyond compare,
a treasure, more than pleasure, unique and rare,
this will never change, it is who you are,
whether you are near and with me or away and far,
whether we may be together to the end of days,
or whether we may go our separate ways,
i say these things because they’re true,
i say these things because you are You.

2 thoughts on “Your worth

    1. The luck is all mine, in the way I have been given the chance to know and love another, and in the experiences that have enabled me to do so with depth of heart. 💙 A Happy Valentine’s Day to you, may you be loved always as you deserve and desire.

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