We Turn, Just as the Earth

Based on a conversation with a new and old, near, dear, and very far friend, Клавдия, from Russia. For all those we pass so many times in this journey through the cosmic void.

“We Turn, Just as the Earth” – Recorded February 8, 2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

We turn, just as the Earth.
You are the same sun I have seen many times before, only this is a new day.
Or, maybe you are as a moon now, glowing bright, lit from afar but no less luminous nor authentic to my adoring eyes.

When we were small, we did not know longing, only with and without.
When motion was all there was, we knew a pulse, a hum; it was ours and it was us.

There has been thunder, and steel, shattered glass and plastic cubes.
There has been fire and dust, great pressure, quiet calm, and a release like wind on a hot summer day.

You have called me by name, though it is a sound no longer on any tongue, and I have responded with a song which is waiting in the mouths of every artist yet never fully makes it past the teeth.

Folly, to fear the nail! I will draw you close each time, even as the stakes are driven in.

What is life, alone and waiting?
What are you, but me, in a different time and space?
I will take you as my own, hold you in this heart of mine, though at times you will be like poison and I will cry out.

There are objects, and there are not.
There is nothing, in everything, and everything condensed neatly in the distance between.

We turn, just as the Earth.
You are here, just not now.
You are here, now.
You are.

7 thoughts on “We Turn, Just as the Earth

    1. Oh, my dear friend, I am so honored that you enjoyed it, and happy to hear from you. This made my evening… I was just thinking of you actually as I reviewed some of my older poems for a project I am working on, and I came across one which I had written based on a line from you that said “Could love really mean | Being able to extend ourselves emotionally | into the reality of others?” 💙🌳

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I will have to go to your page and catch up. Life has take me on many journeys and I haven’t come back this way in a while… I would like to see what your work has evolved into. 💙


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