Born Apart

For you.

“Born Apart” – Recorded 01/14/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

We were born apart,
Have been
Searching, calling out,
Hands in dirt, grasping in the dark,
At last alone we grow still,
No beat in old heart,
Flame flickers and grows cold,
Wax wick body,
Warm will soul,
End again to restart,
Re-lit a new,
Slow death and burst rebirth,
False / true,
Zero / one,
Until two,
Not done
Until I find you,
And now I’ve found
And I won’t forsake,
I’ll stay here
For another thousands years,
Won’t take
Another day of waking state,
Shake from hate of night fears
And heart break/ache,
Bring the storms and earthquakes,
Goat horns and flame lakes,
Gold forms and great gates,
I’ll brave all states for these stakes,
Won’t shake, won’t blink,
You must be out of your mind if you think
I’d ever take this for any less that it is,
A bless beyond bliss,
No, once in a million times lived.
What I wouldn’t give
To hold your hand,
Or place my arm around you,
To stand
Beside you,
To walk behind you,
See that wiggle in your hips,
To kiss you on your lips,
To wake to find I’m still beside you,
To rise and feel myself inside you,
All of you on all of me;
Girl, where do you want to be,
I’ll guide you,
Rather we can guide each other
To the life we want to lead,
My love there
Is nothing else I need
As long as I am with you,
As long as I am by your side I’m pleased,
We can stay at home or travel overseas,
Dance on white sands, clasped hands under sun high and palm trees,
Or huddle, cuddled underneath
Dark sky and bright stars,
Sparks fly and fires start
No matter where we are,
As long as we keep the other in our heart,
Though we were born as such,
We no longer have to be

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