I Love You So

For you, my dear.

“I Love You So” – Recorded 01/07/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

This year has brought so much to me,
I feel so truly blessed,
Of all the joys which I’ve received,
My darling you’re the best.

The love you show
Makes my heart glow,
I cannot help but smile,
When I think of you
And all you do,
Your sweet and caring style.

I am filled with admiration,
Inspired, in oh, so many ways,
The moments I am with you, my dear,
Are the highlights of my days.

Whether we talk and laugh in bed,
Or go outside for a run,
I cherish all the time we spend,
You are my light, my sun.
To bring warmth on sullen, winter days,
And fresh flowers in spring anew,
To beam above a clear, blue summer sky,
And crisp leaves in Autumn too.

My darling know,
I love you so,
I always will adore you.
You are my world,
My only girl,
I put no-one else before you.

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