On Letting Go

“On Letting Go” – Recorded 9/28/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

I miss you more than you will ever know,
but I’ve been working hard on letting go.

Never thought you’d be
in my
every thought,
every dream,
every sigh,
every scream,
every sight,
every sound,
yet in my life:
never around,
believed we had found
“meant to be”
it broke my heart
to see,
ties severed,
plain as day:
your blackbird wings were made to fly free,
to carry you away,
from me.

Knowing “you”, is you no longer,
now a void and it always will be,
but you know what they say,
I’m getting stronger every day,
now I know that it won’t kill me,
seeking peace and health, to love myself,
void not filled but still fulfilling,
focused on my art, on healing my heart,
love in time overflowing/spilling,
me to you, to all we see, all we can be,
no matter the terms of “we”,
just please
always know I love you,
whether I can hold you close,
tell you that you mean the most,
or need to learn to let go of you.

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