In the Leaves

For you, now.

“In the Leaves” – Recorded 9/16/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

what lies
in the leaves,
behind minutes, hours,
in time,
hopes and dreams,
is and was,
still could/may never
come to be,
yet to be seen
by eyes
blue and green,
yours and mine,
us and we
know one thing:
I still love you,
just as I know you
still love me,
always will,
and so, still,
wait, patient,
calm and serene;
you give your all,
I give you
all of me,
all that comes to be
beyond this moment:
as the distance, space between
flakes of tea,
untethered, free,
infinite in potential,
yet in this moment
just a vessel
for a dose of caffeine,
not some sort of all-knowing screen,
not a looking glass showing glowing scenes,
but a medium through which we glean
what is essential,
unknown to sense,
invisible, yet real,
condensed to present tense,
not what isn’t, but what is,
immense still,
as this-
what we know, feel,
is all we have,
and all we ever will,
asteroids or green hills,
tame or grown from seed,
snakes with teeth to bite heel,
no blame, not to feed, steal,
role fulfilled,
soul, not killed:
rather freed,
to rise above,
knowing showing love,
all we need,
not so concerned with what lies,
in the leaves and in hopes/dreams,
past lives and memories;
I am grateful for this moment,
for you,
and for all that means,
not who you were,
what you did,
nor your fate or destiny,
but who you are now
and that you’re here next to me,
now let’s do what we do;
you be your best you,
I promise, I’ll be my best me.

4 thoughts on “In the Leaves

    1. I am so honored, and happy to hear from you, Carol. I have thought of you many times and wished you well. I hope you have been able to find a place of contentment in life, or at least that you have found it in increasing moments throughout the day.

      If you ever have any feedback on my audio recordings, please let me know. 💙

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