Strig A

It has been a while, my beloved friends. I have been and still am in a time of healing and personal development.

I miss you all dearly.

“Strig A” – Recorded 9/27/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

We are not alone,
In shadows or
In the bright sunshine

In the light, the Earth moves underfoot.
In the night, the shadows dance ahead.

We have seen through the stars the same scene,
A million times over,
Endless laughter as,
Each time again,
Your eyes balloon and burst:
A thousand flowers blown in the wind.

You are the Earth.
You are the sky.
You are the flame.
You are the rain.

The voice echoes still in
Our heart,
Though it competes with
Rough edges and worn out stories,
Rotten planks and cracked leather.

Do you ever sit and wonder,
On the edge of your seat,
Waiting for
Nothing at all?

I see,
I feel,
The cracks in your fingertips,
The blood you suck back in a vein
Attempt to hide
Your fear.

Your heart
Is my heart,
Is your heart just the same.

I love you.
I always loved you.
I always will love you.

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