When It Rains

Happy World Poetry Day, everyone.

“When It Rains” – Recorded 3/21/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

When it rains,
I can smell it in my heart,
Aching now,
The end of an era.

The music is loud in the car stereo;
It does not matter the song,
The noise is soothing,
Anything to drown out the silence.

I remember Spring,
Waking up to new light,
The night before but a memory,
The day ahead a story to be written.

When it rains,
I think of you,
Wherever you are,
And I wish you were here.

I am tired of such beautiful moments
What good is birdsong to the empty moon?
We are not meant to live alone.

I seek solace in a warm bath,
A candle which flickers in the window,
Ink on worn pages,
Consistent and intentional breathing.

When it rains,
I note that while it is raining now,
It will stop raining eventually,
Then it will again someday in the future.

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