The World is Cold and Moves So Quickly

For you, in time. I love you.

“The World is Cold and Moves So Quickly” – Recorded 3/18/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

What I want:
No want,
A kind heart,
The sun cresting the hills,
To hold you and to be held in return,
To take care and be taken care of;
I would protect you with my life.

Everyone wants to love someone,
and to be loved just the same,
but it is often so hard to love ourselves.

Our heroes are people too,
Looking up to someone just the same as we do.
Does anyone really know their worth;
Who are we to judge the worth of anyone else?

It is at times inconceivable to believe;
We are all necessary,
As such often invisible to the eye.

The world is cold and moves so quickly;
We are here one minute, and gone the next,
Want and desire,

I want
And someday it will be all I have;
While I am here,
My core desire:
To spend these remaining moments
With you.

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