Poetry Reading – “Still Here”

Originally published April 14, 2018, this piece actually commemorates so many occurrences… It was also the first night I read my work out loud in front of a live audience, which was a very big moment for me, and it is quite fun to look back fondly to see the distance traveled since.

“Still Here” – Recorded 3/5/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/04/14/still-here/

We are still here.

He immediately points to my insignia
“Yah, but mine’s gold”
I believe him;
He has more gold adorning his body than I own

“You got a home?”
“I’ve a place to stay…”
He understands
Better than anyone

“Grandpa stopped the music”
I believe it
I charged the speaker before I left the house
He didn’t skip a beat
Kept talking with a glimmer in his eyes

He speaks in parables
Adam and Eve
While Lucas looks on quietly
Cautious, but aware

We are a triad
A few of few
The bison moved south
Coyote no longer howls
But the snow never melts

Yes, we are still here
But are we still

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