perspectives on a damaged feather

This piece was inspired by a photo taken and posted by my newfound friend, Lukáš Kubinec, available on his Instagram (@lkubinec) at

“perspectives on a damaged feather” – Recorded 3/3/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

fallen from
the wing of an unknown bird
aloft in the converging currents
or perhaps during a practice of self-care
perched among the pines
to land softly here
where you would find it resting
upon the grass or perhaps atop a patch of dry earth
to be held with gentle reverence
between your fingers
for the eyes of the world
the minds lying in wait behind them
each to grasp and in doing so
write for themselves
as with a quill dipped in the ink of their own experience
a story
as you have read here
none more valid than the last as each contain
unique and beautiful
perspectives on
a damaged feather

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