Just for Being You

For you. For all of you.

“Just for Being You” – Recorded 3/1/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

You are worthy of love.
Just for being you.

Despite the overwhelming need in our hearts to do so,
giving love,
and receiving it thusly,
are two of the most underestimated tools we possess,
and the most difficult to wield.

There is power in love,
especially to those who have never truly felt it,
blocked as it often is by way of walls and drawbridges,
alligator moats;
we learn from those whose love we seek to earn,
either how to let it in and out
or how to fortify.

May love flow freely in your life…

Know though,
love is more
than sideways glances from the eyes of strangers,
passing by or
tiny red hearts and colorful faces,
adorned with representations of the emotions we so wish we could show and receive.

Love is more
than words between objects,
over distances unknown;
I will write a poem for you any day,
but you do not need it to know you are loved,
you beautiful soul of boundless light,
I’d hug you now with my soul and not my arms,
weak as they are to embrace your spirit as it deserves.

I do not know
your name, your face, the way you carry yourself across the earth
spectral to float or
manifest as material to fall below;
regardless form,
you are a treasure,
a gem in the crown
which rests on the head of
this love,
our only hope,
the only name we need to know.

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