Poetry Reading – “Choices Worth Fighting For”

Originally published April 7, 2018, this piece was written as a response to a quote found in the work on another dear friend, MJ(S)C, which is available below at the bottom of the original post.

In life, we often feel helpless, like our choices make us more often than we make them. While it is true we are often subject to the whims of time, of circumstance, of powers beyond our reach, we are able to control our decisions, and there is untold value in identifying what those choices are, embracing our autonomy, and moving forward in a mindful manner. I pray you might some day fully understand and embrace your agency.

“Choices Worth Fighting For” – Recorded 2/26/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/04/07/choices-worth-fighting-for/

“The ability to choose is something I believe is worth spending my life fighting for.”

MJ(S)C (Full Original Work Added Below Poem)

In times like these
It is often easy to forget
That each movement we make
Is a decision
Of our own volition
A selection from
The jukebox that is life

We often wake from restful slumber
And count not the days that led
To where we are
But rather the days
That lie ahead

We wake and say to ourselves
“What choice do I have”
Instead of asking
“What choice do I want to make”

There are
So many options in front of us
The possibilities
Endless as the barrage of
Uncertain thoughts
It is only reasonable
To feel
And lacking in motivation
To wonder
Which choices we make
And which are made for us

I have sat
All hours of the night
And listened, with intent
To your pulse
Broadcast between
Your smooth and delicate lips
No less a vein
Than those that drive that brilliant hue
To your cheeks
When I tell you things like
“You are beautiful”
“You are worth it”

I have held you
In the deepest of my thoughts
Animation slowed to
Every action
The shimmer of the electric glow
And seen with
Unflinching eyes
The result of
So many choices
Perhaps difficult
But worth their weight
In the final product

Now we stand before
A choice
What we knew
And what we know
Could be
Not without
But also
Not without an equal
Of something we can only
Through choice and
Active participation

So know I meant it
When I told you to
Upend your prior notions
Of what these words
And what they can come to
Each of my words are
Are to be
Are to be
Freely presented
Are to be
Fought for
If they are to be retained

Original inspiration, Something Worth Fighting For, by MJ(S)C

This is the second in my posts loosely based on the Three Day Quote Challenge presented by Grateful Single Mom of the blog Grateful Single Moms.

Once again, my challenge to others is open ended. All who read this are challenged to think of or be open to any quotes that speak to you and inspire writing. If you do respond, please just let me know so I can read what you write.

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