Poetry Reading – “Seeds in Fertile Soil”

Originally published April 3, 2018, this piece was an examination of the cycles of life expressed through an exercise in alliteration.

“Seeds in Fertile Soil” – Recorded 2/20/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/04/03/seeds-in-fertile-soil/

Let the words fall
Deep within
The depths of your heart
Sinking beneath
All of the loss and loneliness
All of the anxiety and fear
All of the languishing layers of sediment
You have accumulated
Piled high, between them
Corpses of decay
All of your former selves
All who came and went

Let the words rest
Seeds in fertile soil
The surface calm
Drinking deep
All of the memories and pain
All of the longing and sorrow
All of the downward driven droplets
From the clouds above
Swelling no longer, between them
The open air and sky above
All of your current dreams
All who stand by your side

Let the words crawl
Breaking through
Crust of earth displaced
Grateful acceptance of
All of the healing and reflection
All of the encouragement and support
All of the rays of rapturous radiance
Shone forth out of
Mouths and glowing forms, eyes and ears
Observations manifest
All you have known
All you are coming to know now

Let the words climb
Towering far above
Their former sanctuary
Empowered by
All of the obstacles overcome
All of the agility acquired
All of the victories, vicarious and vested
Your head held high
Not standing over, neither being stood upon
Finding a balance between
All you have lost
And all you are sure to gain

Let the words drop
Into open palms
Not impatient
Neither letting go to waste
All of the toils and trials
All of the spoils and smiles
All of the losses not lost neither loosed
But becoming
Refined, renewed
The passing of time
Blooms bring bees bring back
All you thought you left behind
Not forgotten but neither fresh in mind

Let the words spill
From your storehouse
Flowing freely
Not to be withheld
All of the obstacles overcome
All of the obstinate opponents obsolete
All of the opulent opportunities offered openly
Captured but not captive
All the world, all your own
A lifetime of lessons
All that has been given
All that life has yet to give

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