In Dreams and Between the Falling Beams of Light

“In Dreams and Between the Falling Beams of Light” – Recorded 2/19/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

holding you
in a quiet place of contentment

i wake from the dream
my arms empty
with longing in my heart
a tired stillness
hanging over me
as a cloud
the ephemeral nature of this we call life

“to love and be loved”
my foolish folly


with sharper teeth could
bare to keep at bay
the years and all horrors harbored
hungry eyes to leer
hands with
fingers to grab
scarred and damaged hearts
as gravity well
black hole
pulling to consume

the moments
slip away
the heart recoils

i am hopeful still
have hands and
fingers too
short in length
soft someday to caress
yet rigid
long in reach
filed sharp
capable and ready
to hold
your own
that you might keep
whole and true
and still to be

and i
do not wish to take or
detract from you
my only desire
to give
that you might receive from my
yours now
trust and
all encompassed within

that you
that i
that we
might embrace
not only one another
also this world and
all love to be found
within it
repelling and exposing
that which hunts
and feeds
on silence

before us and in
our hands
a future
a life
offered now and always
on open palm
should we choose
to grasp it

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