“If” – Recorded 2/14/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

on any given day,
you could extract
all of the emotions,
not those which you experienced,
but those which you inspired in the lives of others,
the small flashes of hope in the eyes of the stranger you smiled at in the supermarket,
the withering disappointment and shame in the panicked operator of the car driving far too slow in the lane intended for faster vehicles to whom you shook your first and glared at sideways,
the love and warmth of the dogs and cats and other small furred friends that you stopped to reach down and pet,
the pain and sorrow of those who felt forgotten or neglected,
the joy and love which radiated from those who you took the time to remember…

you were able to capture all of the feelings elicited by your actions
that you could re-live and experience them, end-to-end,
would you?

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