may i

For you, my dearest Gullig.

“may i” – Recorded 2/12/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

may i always seek
to give you
of this world and
all that I am able
to hold in my hand,
all that I keep
in my heart,
all that I ponder
in my mind
as my own understanding is.

may nothing linger in my desires
which does not bring you to smile.

may i try with all my being
to express to you
in words and
in actions
my devotion
and may i fail
to call upon a combination of
symbols and gestures
to encompass all i feel for you
to try again thereafter
failing once more
persistent still to show my heart
the message often lies
in the effort
and not in the result.

may i wake each day
that you are
beside me i hope
if not
that you are
and most importantly
that you are

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