Turn and Toil

“Turn and Toil” – Recorded 2/3/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Torn open now
Hearts apart
Fresh spring soil
Rend as with plow

Meant to sow
Full green endow
From which to reap
Intent to grow

From low to high
Bright sun it rose
Sink then below
Live life to die

Late nights in June
Sun to sky
Light of day
Dim too soon

Once bright and full
Now halo hollow
Still hallowed moon
Even dark and dull

Start to new end
Dynamic range pull
As to change
Season and friend

Weeds grew tall
Seeds to leaves
Withered dead
Turn to fall

Drop below
Rot to call
Decay to feed
Learn to know

Pain to feel
Brings to flow
New to old
Life to heal

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