8s Wild

“8s Wild” – Recorded 1/28/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Draw 2
Win / lose
Wild mind
Lost now
To find
As gloves
In chair
Felt green
Cards down
Felt glow
Take bow
Follow flow
Bet 2
On blue
Since birth
Bled through
Shed skin
Fed back
No worth
Not red
Not black
No turn
Get back
No song
Slow burn
Slot track
All wrong
Get gone
2 where
No Paul
No John
No Wall
Fresh start
No short
No long
Purple, Blue
Bruised heart
Blue now
Pale horse
Red cow
Ox cart
No plow
Reap dead
Roll twice
No dice
Snake eyes
No prize
Still 2
Still you
Still true
Still here
All bets
On blue

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