In the Light of Another Night

“In the Light of Another Night” – Recorded 1/21/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

In the light of another night
I had found you…

you were on the ground,
you were kneeling down,
and the sound that you were making
made me shiver,
made me want to want to turn around
and walk the other way…

but I…
decided I would stay.

Of the broken golden aether,
you were speaking…

you had seen this face,
in another place,
though the space it occupied
had receded,
had proceeded to replace
the words you meant to say…

but you…
faded slow to grey.

Like the hands on a pocket-watch,
we had seen it…

it was growing fast,
it was moving past,
it was flowing the wrong way;
it kept ticking…
we kept wishing it would last
for just another day.

but we…
had shifted the array.

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