That You Might Grab Hold of Tomorrow

“That You Might Grab Hold of Tomorrow” – Recorded 1/20/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

We have seen the sun rise and fall so many hundred thousand times,
Each day bringing new light to the Earth we know;
But the Sun does not care,
If the Earth is stripped bare,
Cold and barren, pillars of salt, sea of fire below
Or filled with singing birds, shaking hands, and so many words and rhymes.

The tick of the clock walks us slowly towards the abyss,
A gun to our backs, with hands tied and mouth gagged tight.
Why should we go quiet, as trees who fall at night?
Don’t wait for the bell to toll; there so much life to miss.

Let go your torments, pain and tears.
Let go your worries, shames and fears.

Let go your misery, your sorrow!
Let go the words you need to say!
Let go right now of yesterday…
That you might grab hold of tomorrow.

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