For Gabi, On Your Birthday

For Gabi, for Ariele, for your whole family in brazil. My heart, for you. 💙

“For Gabi, On Your Birthday” – Recorded This Most Special Day of 1/19/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Today, this day, is a day unique among all days,
Just as you, yes you, are unique among all people.

Today is a happy day, filled with celebration, with festivity and gifts, with cake and ice cream and bright colors.

It is fitting, for someone such as yourself, who brings constant happiness and shining light to the world with the gift that is you!

I do believe that we should celebrate more often, with balloons on every table and streamers from every corner of the room, not just the anniversary of your arrival to this planet, but your continued presence!

Do you know how very much you are loved?
Do you know how very much you are worthy of that love, just for being you?

Maybe you do not, as your value exceeds that of even the purest and most polished diamond on the face of this earth, beyond that of the riches of all nations combined, far more than I could even hope to convey with these strings of words, more like pebbles to the pearls of your worth.

In coming years, may those who come into your life show you the love, respect, and kindness that you so deserve.

May you find yourself immersed in good company always, never to feel alone or without the love of your friends, your family, and the beloved pets that cherish you more than we as humans will ever understand.

All the best wishes to you, Gabi, on this most special day. 💙

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