You are a Light in This World

For Silvia, and for Ariele, in Brazil.
For you, whoever and wherever you are.

“You are a Light in This World” – Recorded 1/14/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

You are a light in this world,
For all those who can see.

And though you have flickered in the wind,
From time to time,
You have not gone out…

Thank you.

Know now that you are seen,
You are known,
You are appreciated,
For those who see you see more clearly for your glow.

Oh, how I love you,
And how I am grateful for all that you are.

I am so glad that I know you.
I am so glad that you know me.

Do you know that there are days where I am on the verge of tears,
Ready to collapse and give up,
When the thought of you,
Or a message received which bears your name,
Brings a smile to my face?

Thank you,
For being you.

You are a light in this world.

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