These Beating Hearts, For Now Apart

“These Beating Hearts, For Now Apart” – Recorded 1/11/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

You and I,
In stride,
Same earth, different sides.
Foot down, same time.
Hands up, same sky.

Eager to love, ready to start,
These beating hearts, for now apart…
Why am I not where you are?
Why must we wait, why are you so far?
As distant as the shining stars,
But just like them, this love is ours…
These beating hearts, for now apart…

We wake alone, and sleep the same,
But always on my tongue: your name;
In dreams, in thoughts, you know it’s true…
My dear, I dream, I think of you.
I see your face, in passing clouds.
I hear your voice, in every sound.
Of this love, I am so proud;
I want to sing your name out loud!

You and I,
In time,
Same path, parallel lines
Feet down, same stride.
Hands clasped, new lives.

These beating hearts, for now apart…
Learning to love, waiting to start,
Content for now, to wait, though far,
Someday to be right where you are.
Though love for all, this one is ours,
Just as the countless, glowing stars,
These beating hearts, not long apart…

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