Poetry Reading – “Satellites / Recon”

Originally published February 23, 2018, this piece carries with it the questions I still hold to this day, interspersed as always, likely never to be fully answered but an answer sought just the same. 🛰

“Satellites / Recon” – Recorded 1/10/2021

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/02/23/satellites-recon/

Sleepy satellites

As far as we know
No transmissions out
Though dear God
We try

What’s coming in
On the Airwaves
Old televisions
Telling stories
We’ve never written

Do you ever stare
Into the spaces between
Moment and moment
On nothing at all
A dream
A song
Searching for?

A critical piece
Of the human experience
We know so little

A question
“Why ‘why'”
Perhaps a better one
You listening, Taxi?
I’m wondering
In the same way
You question

Coming down
Like ashes
From the fire that once kept us warm

Did you ever sit as a child beneath a blanket in the middle of an empty room
With all of the lights out
While everyone else was asleep
Your breath warm and foggy
Your heart racing
Silent, but for the sounds of the walls settling
Alone, but for?

Grass on a hill beside an endless body of water
Blows gently from side to side
The waves below crash against the shore
Without malice
But not likely to rain
Down below
The soil moves of its own accord
Above the horizon
Everything else

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