Flowers in the Snow

For you; yes, you. For us. For what comes next.

“Flowers in the Snow” – Recorded 1/10/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Broke crust; boot to Earth.
In winter’s step, new to grow.
Descend to(o), sanctum deep.
Observe: bones,
Picked clean, long ago.
Mid-day, sun gleam.
Bright light, dark though.

Bow now.
Lit, torch.
Cast to
White glow.

New ground.
New row.

Flowers, in the snow.

Love deep, hearts beat,
Crossed stars, didn’t know.
You, me, us, we,
He, she, they, ze
Purple, Blue, High, Low…
Love bleed, hearts break,
Crossed stars, should know…

Sky high.
Lit, mind.
Cast to
Night show.

Same game.
Same woe…

Flowers, in the snow.

Broke ground, boot to(o).
Out of step, out to sow.
Transcend to(o), 20 x 2,
Observe: skin,
Crack, dry, bleed, blow.
Midnight, moon beam,
Dark light, bright though.

Find mind.
Lit, life.
Cast to
Sight, no.

Change shape.
Change flow.

Flowers, in the snow.

Hope dawns.
Day breaks.
Night falls.
Life takes…

Hard work.
Hard times.
Not yours.
Not mine.

Soft love…
Soft lines.
Be patient,
Be kind…

To you. To me. To us. All three.

No form. No shape. No flow. No cape.

The light in you,
Same as in me.
From divine made;
Divine to be.

Not to crave; lust must go…
Just to love.

Flowers, in the snow.

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