I Sat and Looked at the Moon

“I Sat and Looked at the Moon” – Recorded 1/6/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

I sat and looked at the moon, covered in a shroud of wispy clouds.
As I sat and looked at the moon, I thought of you.
I thought of you, and how maybe you also sat today and looked at this same moon, though perhaps from where you are, there is nothing to come between you and the sky with all its marvels.

What does it mean, that you have awakened this slumbering heart of mine, when you are so far from me in so many ways?

For so long, my heart was as the moon is now, amidst the clouds and content to simply glow for those who seek its company, the days and nights all the same.

Now, glowing in the brilliance of your light, which shines unobscured by the clouds or by the Earth which has for so long rested between us, my heart is full once more.

How, knowing the richness of your glow, could I let anything on this Earth, the Earth itself, or even the Heavens above, come between us ever again?

I do not wish to challenge the stars… Neither for your light to fall only on me and leave a darkened patch on the Earth below.

For you are beyond compare, your beauty unique among all those I have known; surely all the green things which grow from the soil must rise from the Earth just that they might greet you!

How I long that I might someday greet you just the same… All distance between be damned; I would burrow through and brave the center in search of a surface from which I might arise and be with you at last!

But for now… we must be patient. Though I hope it will not be long, know now that I will wait… As long as it takes…

And for now, I will sit, at times, and look at the moon, thinking of you.

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