those clouds which were on the horizon

“those clouds which were on the horizon” – Recorded 1/4/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

those clouds which were on the horizon…
how they inspired fear in your heart!

“surely” you thought “what was once a sunny day will shortly be no longer so”
and how soon this proved to be
as the shadows of the collective growing mass would come to fall upon your windows
bringing as such winds which would howl and shake the shutters
how you felt
like perhaps the world would soon fall from the shelving
along with the precious figures and books which have not been read in many years

how it seemed like the light could never break through again

“what good, to wait?” you may have thought “perhaps, to fill the tub and drown before the windows begin to run over!”

you may have drawn last bath in anticipation
salt and water spilling from the faucet to the iron basin below

how you may have wept
how lonesome the sound
friends now with the tiles beneath your feet and upon your bruised cheek

and you may have slipped beneath…
(may your head come up soon)
(may we bow ours for those which have not)

how long the torrent fell
how high the flood
(though it did not reach the sills)

though not apparent perhaps
the star(s) will shine
the Earth will breathe again

(though many will not now)

in time
in the light once more
we (all) will
*none* forgotten
*none* left behind

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