…Every Word, Every Crease in the Page.

For you. 💙

“…Every Word, Every Crease in the Page.” – Recorded 1/3/2021 – Auroraboros – 1/3/2021

How I cherish you…
I am thinking of you, even now.

I am thinking…
…of the way your words always make me smile / not even your words, just the knowledge they are waiting…
…of your inviting eyes, as you look across thousands of miles into mine / not just the way they appear to me, but the knowledge that through them, you are seeing the world from your own entirely unique perspective…
…of the way you curl your hair between your fingers when you are talking / not just for how cute it is but for the indicator that you think so deeply…
…of the way you smile and laugh and toss your head, with your hair falling around your shoulders as you move / not just for how I want to paint it, but for how I know you could and you could do so with such talent….

I am thinking of you and I am wishing I could be where you are.

I am thinking, though, of how we all know that those parts of life which we savor for the longest, with patience, are those that we remember dearest.

I am thinking, as well, of how easy it is to rush ahead, to wish for what comes next and take for granted what is now.

I am thinking… and perhaps, I am seeing that it is more like… I am reading.

I am reading a beautiful book, written over so many years, still being written to this day.

I am reading, and I would love to know how this book ends.

How easy it might be, to skip a chapter, to skim the words that might not seem as intriguing now, to sneak a peek at the final pages…


…I am not inclined to any of these things.

For the words which make up that which I know as “you”, they have captured me. They are not the kind to be glossed over, to be skimmed, to be read in any other way than with full attention and reverence.

I will take you in, slowly, patiently, and get to know you as you deserve to be known.

I want to know you, all of you…
…every chapter…
…every verse…
every word, every crease in the page.

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