Poetry Reading – “A Statement of Purpose”

This piece is a guide, a chart to which I refer often to ensure that I am on course, and it seemed natural to revisit it for my daily reading today. I have often felt like I am lost, and, after returning to these words, and comforted to know that, despite the chaos I find myself in, I am headed in the right direction. 💙

“A Statement of Purpose” – Recorded 12/26/2020 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/12/a-statement-of-purpose/

It is time
That I put forth in writing
My interpretation
Of the reasons for my continued existence
And my strategy thus
To accomplish all that I have set out to do.

First and foremost
I will pursue truth and understanding.
I will seek to unravel and interpret
The mysteries of the Universe
To answer the questions
That linger daily in the back of my mind
From the moment my eyes open to the last seconds I am aware,
To come closer to that which is and always has been,
To keep an open mind and an open heart
And allow the path to present itself to me.
I am not a brilliant man;
I am incapable of searching through figures,
Through formulas and spectral graphs;
There are better people working as such.
I will search through reason and sense,
Through exploration-
Social, mental, emotional, technological, spiritual-
Through prayer and meditation,
Through worship and praise,
Of all faiths and denominations
Though in my heart I will remain true
To the One who has guided me this far.

I will remain optimistic
But wary
Of the future that has presented itself before us
Embracing progress
While keeping vigilant
That power is not abused
And potential is not lost.

I will tend to this space we have been blessed with
Being mindful that my choices
Extend far beyond myself.
I will remember
And remind others
That we have been loved
And protected
By a planet full of other life;
We owe her the same in return.

I will be loyal, but critical,
Quick to think, but not to speak,
Patient and aware,
Listening with my whole self
And speaking
Not from the heart
Not from the mind
But from somewhere in-between
Where truth resides.

I will serve as an ally to those who are oppressed-
Raising my voice with those who go unheard
Standing strong with those who are pushed to the ground.
When my brother or sister cries out,
I will answer not only with words, but with action,
Giving fully of myself;
A body must grow in unison if it is to grow at all.

I will seek a partner
Upon whom I will place a great deal
Of Love
Of value
But also of weight and trial
For the life we will live
Will be rife with challenges
Which we will face
And through which we will grow
This will be a person to whom
I will give my all
Sharing myself
Without reservation
Sharing the wonders of life
Without hesitation
Sitting beside rivers and streams and oceans wider than we can ever understand
For hours on end
About everything that is and was and will be.
I will stop at nothing to satisfy and protect
My queen, with no earthly being to stand above her.

I will find joy and laughter
In the simple and mundane.
I will stare up in awe at the night sky
At the setting or rising of the glorious star around which we circle
At the waves that crash on beaches strewn with life.
I will chase the wind
And dance, though my feet may be unsteady.
I will always wave at
Laugh with
Speak with respect and reverence to
The children
And stop to pet the dogs on walks in the park.
I will not shut myself in
Or out
From the world at large.
I will go forth and live
As if this is the last day I am able to do so.

I will share myself freely with others
Knowing full well
That this is a life meant to be experienced
Not alone
But in the company of many.

I will align myself with those who are honest and true
Prepared and willing
To stand firm through storm and siege
To lay down my mind and body
Should the need arise
To support what is right and true.

I will work hard
Taking pride in what I do
But remaining humble
That I still have so much to learn.

I will enjoy the idle moments
Resting briefly in the space between
Calm and breathing
Intentional yet listless-
A vessel guided through calm waters.

I will remember
That nothing in life is immutable
That life is dynamic
Always changing and flowing around
The landscape that arises.
I will remain steady in my heart
And true to myself
But ready to adapt
And learn
From the lessons that life presents.
I will be eager for opportunities,
Willing to grow
That some day
I will die
Embracing this inevitability
While making the most of the time I have been given.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Reading – “A Statement of Purpose”

    1. Thank you, Carol! I really loved reading this one too. It was quite re-affirming… Sometimes, especially this year, we can feel a bit lost and wonder if we are on the right track. It is good to return to this and see that I am not as lost as I sometimes feel. 🙂


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