May It Be So

For Safa. Never stop dreaming. 💙

“May It Be So” – Recorded 12/22/2020 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

I saw the Prophet Elijah the other day.
He was walking along a busy street with headphones in, laughing at whatever statement had been uttered on the other end of the line.
His body moved forward with intent, but his spirit glided gently, calm and fluid, unconcerned with the world through which it passed.
(Lucas, the cat on my lap, was happy only to receive attention, and did not pay any mind, continuing to purr and watch with idle amusement.)
When we met eyes, there was an acknowledgement within, as a fire lit, then with a wave and a nod, he was gone.

Such it is with life.

There was the time when I met Lord Vishnu, at a bar in New York City.
He had taken the form of a shambling shell of a man, but in every glance, his eyes were blazing and filled with the light of the universe.
While the show went on above, we spoke, and in our joy at recognition, together wept.
When we embraced, he smelled sweet like a lotus flower, and when we parted, the scent remained in the air for days.

So the world turns.

It is often we reflect on, and at times lament, the failures of our prior days.
It is easy to lose our path, and forget what matters most.
Ashamed, we seek to hide ourselves, often from ourselves, and curse the solitude we create.
As the days pass, time curls ever tighter…

Yet we persevere.

We must be mindful, kind to all we meet and to ourselves, knowing that the divine is alive in each and every one.
With patience and gratitude, we will wait, and when the time is right, we will know.
As a bell tolling, the call will sound throughout our lives.
When we hear it, will we respond?

May it be so.

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