Poetry Reading – “You Are Enough”

“You Are Enough” – Recorded 12/20/2020 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

This is a very special piece, originally published here June 21, 2018. It has great meaning to me, and is also one of the most viewed here on my blog.

As with many of my pieces, this was written for a very special person in my life, but as always, also applies to anyone who might need to hear the message.

We are enough. We are loved. We matter. Ever single one of us. 💙

The original piece is below for reference, and available in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/06/21/you-are-enough/

To my last dying breath
I will fight
To tell you
To show you
That you
Are enough
Just as you are
Not as I
Not as you
Might wish you were
But just as you are
A beautiful
With so much still
To give
As well as to receive

Though it may be hard now
To see
As there are dark clouds in the way
The sun still shines
There are still days
Where it shines through
Just for you
That your face
Your eyes
Your gorgeous smile
Might be illuminated
That you might see as well
All of the beauty
That surrounds you
Each and every day
Dark or light

No matter the storms
That may blow in
No matter how hard
It might be
For you to see it
You will always
Have a place here
Surrounded with
A world of opportunities
To explore
Or to simply observe
The choice is yours
And the decisions you make
Are yours as well
Not to be judged
Or questioned
But to simply be
Each representative
Of the context you find yourself in
Of the person you are
And deserving respect
Just the same

7 thoughts on “Poetry Reading – “You Are Enough”

    1. Oh, my good friend… I hope it was a good cry. I have had many of them lately, and they can be such a release. I hope you have found a release – you do not deserve to shoulder the weight any longer… A hug for you, and a personal reminder of how much you matter, to me and to the world. 🤗

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        1. You’re always welcome… I actually had someone hug me yesterday and I instantly burst into tears… good tears… and so many of them. Sometimes, we just… we need that. All of us.


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