Poetry Reading – “When the Storm is Over”


Below is my second recording of an old piece called “When the Storm is Over”, originally published in October of 2020.

As with many of my pieces, this was originally written to speak to what was going on in my own personal life, as well as to the situation that a specific person I knew at the time was going through, but was intended for any and all who might need to hear the words contained. It seems just as poignant now as we transition from the challenges of 2020 to the unknowns of 2021, hoping that the storms might abate and we might have some time to heal.

Stay well, everyone.

“When the Storm is Over” – Recorded 12/13/2020 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The original piece is below for reference, and can be found it its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/10/18/when-the-storm-is-over/

When the storm is over
And deep blue skies are beginning to break on the horizon
It would be easy to believe
That there is nothing left for you to do
Other than to wait
Hopeless and defeated
Until the next storm comes through

But it is in these moments
When the worst lies behind us
That we are able to see with clarity
The damage that has been done
And we are able to assess
The value of what has been lost
As well as what can still be restored
And what must be re-enforced

For though there will doubtlessly be dark days ahead
Which may come unannounced and with little warning
You can
And will
And with time
And patience
You can learn to thrive just the same
That true value does not lie
In objects or lifestyles
In expectations or familiar routines

True value lies within
As an integral part of who you are
For you are more precious than anything else
More than structures and foundations and possessions accrued over time
Which may be lost in strong winds or heavy rains

You are resilient in spirit
Endowed with the gift of persistence and inherent worth
You have weathered many storms before
And will weather many more
Each time
That much more prepared for what comes next
That much more aware of how far you have come
More aware of what has been left in the past
As well as what was been retained

When the storm is over
And all may be lost
So long as you remain
There is still hope

6 thoughts on “Poetry Reading – “When the Storm is Over”

  1. It is interesting as yesterday I listened to some rap artists sharing a song that talked of the storm we are all enduring and how we can learn to ride the waves through finding the way to self support and self love. this is the foundation for authentic love of others too..it was also lovely to hear your spoken voice reading this pome.. Beautiful and so affirming.

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    1. Mmmm, yes this is so true. This was a hard earned truth this year, that to support others we must first love and support ourselves. It is so easy to overlook, but absolutely essential. I am so glad that this piece brought such meaning for you. Thank you very much for helping me to see that as well. 💙

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