We Are As a Drop of Water

We are as a drop of water
Falling through space
And time;
And who
We interact with along the way
Both what we experience
As well as what we are.

We must be kind
And caring
To all we interact with
Showing love and mercy,
Being to them
As we wish they would be to us.

For we are falling ever faster,
Or so we hope and pray
Towards the same,
Clean and fresh-smelling earth,
Though some of us may land of mountaintops,
Or on trees towering far above the rest,
Their journey ending before the others.
But their destination all the same.

We share the news
Over text message and video feed,
Phone calls that last too long,
But yet somehow still not long enough,
Email and daily briefings,
News feeds and media streams,
Unable to gather,
But not without family,
Not without the people
We need…
Each other so badly
We are calling out desperately,
Wanting to gather to breathe,
But waiting,
Yet free,
In the knowledge that the life that we lead
The choices we make,
And what they cause to be
Affect the people around us
In ways we often cannot see…

Try as we might not to,
We come to mourn,
The falling rain on parked cars and sidewalks,
The thunderstorm that clouds the horizon,
The shuttered markets and hair salons,
Battered and worn by the growing monsoon,
Gallons down,
Upon the treetops and fields
City sign posts
And birthday balloons…
Or the single sprinkling of a raindrop far too soon,
Alone in a room,
Not forgotten,
But gone,
And far too soon…

12 thoughts on “We Are As a Drop of Water

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. There is so much to process now… I am hoping my words are able to bring about some healing and connection for those who have lost someone during this difficult time.

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    1. Thank you so much, Shanyu. That was a journey I am still on. I actually have an older piece, titled “Abstract and Accessibility” (https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/19/abstract-and-accessibility/) in which I first really wrestled with the balance between the accessibility of the poetry, the language, and the underlying message. It is till a balance I am working to find, and likely will be for the rest of my life. 🙂

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      1. You are always welcome. This is exactly a challenge I have faced in some of my poems too. I had once written a piece about how sometimes we as people can be dealt with as mannequins, and it surely is macabre, but it just stops you feeling pain.
        (https://shanyu.blog/2020/07/05/from-a-mannequin/) But whatever, yes, this poem was masked so much in the metaphor of a mannequin, that I am not sure many actually felt it the way I wanted too. So yeah, we’re in the same boat here, but I guess it slowly gets easier to row the boat. I hope we find our shores.
        Thank you.

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