That You May Never Feel Alone

They’ve entered your thoughts again, my dear,
And by now I hope it’s clear
They’ve no interest in your best interest
They offer nothing to you but fear.

They’ve come to take what can be taken,
To shake free what can be shaken,
To pilfer while you’re lulled to sleep,
So my darling, please awaken.

For you may feel safe when in your bed,
Blankets tight over your head,
But your eyes, when opened to the truth,
Leave them paralyzed with dread.

Your power is your choice, my love
Your weapon is your voice
So choose to live and choose to speak,
And your allies will rejoice.

For when the battle has been fought,
Your struggles will not be for naught,
We will be here to help you heal,
To help remember what you forgot.

For at times you doubt yourself, it’s true,
But we all love and care for you,
Much more than you will ever know,
Much more that we can ever show,
And even when you’re not whole,
We know your heart and know your soul,
We cherish them, as if our own,
That you may never feel alone.

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