I Dreamt Last Night of Someone Who Wanted to Send My Love Away

Last night,
I dreamt
Of someone who loved me,
Someone who
Wanted me
To be something,
To be anything
To them
But then you,
Yes, you
Told them
To go home
Yes, you told them to “go home”,
You said this wasn’t their home
And they were welcome no more,
Whether you meant it,
Whether you knew it
Whether you really understood what you were saying,
I don’t know,
No I don’t know,
If I understand it
I don’t really understand you
Any more…

I want to love
I want to love you
My old friend,
To hold your words in my heart like I know that you meant,
Oh, can’t you see
We all do,
We still need you,
But you,
You don’t see
What it means
When you drape yourself in such foolish absurdity,
“For Britain,”
Don’t you mean
“For me”?

So maybe
We will get on just fine
With some bargain basement words
About the bees and the birds,
At least they are trying
To learn
Trying to love
When you
It seems
Have been intent on learning
What you are afraid of…
And aren’t we all afraid of
Of everything
Of dying
But not just of dying
More so of dying alone
Of dying
Without ever having really known
What it means
To be…
To be…

More than just a good lay,
And oh yes,
You were a good lay,
Back in the day,
But the times have changed,
And now they are starting to say
With the way you behave
Maybe now it’s time you
Mozied on your way…

Was once you taught us
To be free,
As he and he,
And as she and she,
To be accepting of all that might mean,
But it seems, now
You might be bursting at the seams, now
Stuck in your ways
Stumbling about in a haze
Running your mouth as if drunken and crazed,
And oh my darling, that’s okay…
If there’s some desire to change,
Or at least a cognizance that maybe it isn’t okay
To behave
Like you did in the old days…
Don’t you remember the way
That they,
Scorned you and made you to feel like a stray?
Now you feel like a dog on a chain,
But what does it say,
When you are barking and biting in every refrain?
And yes, I’ll admit
I’ve been listening
Quite a bit,
You’ve got so much to say,
But don’t be,
No Stephen, don’t be
So naïve.
Maybe you’ve been deceived
Or maybe,
Maybe you really believe…
Just please,
Please I beg you,
Don’t send my love
From me,
As you did,
As you did in
That awful dream…