Falling Closer Together/We Will Not Fall Apart

Lately I
Feel often like crying
I cannot stop sighing
Say I’m fine
But I’m lying…

And some days I
Want to stop trying,
I dream often of dying…
Oh, it hangs in my mind
Almost all of the time.

And now we find
We must remain inside
Far from the others:
Our sisters and brothers,
Fathers and mothers,
Once partners and lovers,
Now we have only pillows and covers…

And it is starting to feel
Like we are falling away,
With each passing day,
Falling further astray,
And I don’t want to fall any further;
I don’t know how much more we can take.

But if we fall,
We fall closer together,
And no matter the weather,
Through wind and through rain,
Through joy and through pain,
We will remain.

We will not lose heart.
And at least that’s a start,
We’re in this forever,
There’s nothing can sever
Our love;
We will not fall apart.

6 thoughts on “Falling Closer Together/We Will Not Fall Apart

  1. Ive been crying a lot too, especially when hugs have been refused but tonight I have found some peace.. everyone is feeling the same so we are all in this together.. lets look for where we are truly joined…. even when social distance is imposed..

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    1. It has not been an easy transition, from our life before to this one. Life is so different… But I am very hopeful. It is strange. There is a point where it starts to make sense. I have actually come to appreciate this opportunity. We took so much for granted before… We did not realize all we had and now we are seeing how much the hugs and the smiles and the small conversations meant. I am hopeful that we will come out of this with a deeper appreciation for each other. 💙

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      1. You expressed exactly my thoughts about us not truly valuing all we had…. I am sure that it will birth so much that is positive.. I am a firm believer that light comes out of darkness and new feelings and life as well out of these kinds of dark transitions.

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