In the World Today

In the world today
There is a yawning
But it is not from lack of sleep…
Too many have slept for far too long
And are waking to see
That the world has changed
And that they must adapt to survive.

I stepped out into the world today
Without ever leaving the house,
I watched the lives of others unfold before me
Without ever knowing their scent or the sparkle that shines in their eyes.

These days are strange
And will grow stranger still it seems;
I pray each night under the rafters of the old skeletal structure in which I dwell
With the stars shining down,
And the moon to keep order,
Though neither is all that visible now,
Eclipsed it seems by the lights from the city which glow brighter and draw in closer with each passing minute.

In the world today
We breathe,
Alone now in our houses
For fear of never breathing again,
But when we breathe
We breathe together,
Remembering that each breath is a gift,
That we all must make choices,
Not in our own best interest
But that the world today
Remains tomorrow,
Though it will never be the same
As it was the day before.

3 thoughts on “In the World Today

    1. Thank you so much. Social distancing has had a toll on many, but has also given us time to reflect and appreciate aspects of life that we did not before.

      I appreciate you, and all of the time and energy you give to myself and the rest of the community here.

      Stay safe, healthy, and well. 💙

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