Will We Ever Learn?

“Will we ever learn?”

A question we ask

Time and time again,

The answer only found in


pursuit thereof.

17 thoughts on “Will We Ever Learn?

      1. Good question, but perhaps we should be questioning the nature of progress: are we pre-programmed to follow a path (in the same way that we age), or are there multiple paths from which we can choose according to the nature of our repeated experiences?

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        1. Thus we delve deeper and deeper… What is the nature of choice? Is it indelible? Is a choice ever really “made”? Or is the cycle itself a culmination of path and choice, manifest as a representation of something that conceptually extends beyond even the analogy, progress but an illusion? 😊

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          1. But… is that “trouble” or the inherent beauty of the design? I find it fascinating, and even more so that we cannot confirm anything with our current comprehension. It is like a masterpiece of art, something you can ponder and study and maybe grasp for but a second, at least from your own perspective, but can never truly “understand”. And therein lies the greatness of the work…

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