An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

I sometimes imagine death

And that which follows as

Years and years and years of

Being torn apart,

Current manifestation of

Whole self


So many

Satellite selves

Splayed across the universe,

Each finding their way through

All of the edges and bends

Of time

And space

And chance,

Collecting and coagulating

In small huddled masses

Where possible,

Wandering in dazed solitude

When orbit of

Centripetal unifying spirit

Is lost.

In this intrepid

Isolated existence

All is but

Flirtatious courting,

Desperate romantics,

Atomic adolescents

Eyeing each other across

Homecoming nebula.

Perhaps this is why we always feel

As if we are but a small part of a greater whole,

Searching for


We do not know.

(Cannot be the simple rush of

Flesh on flesh,

Exchange of

Bodily fluids,

Peeks at


As this often elicits a more profound lonesomeness

Than any solitude can inspire)


Metallic mineral in arm:

Remnant of

Long lost pinkie toe,

Drawn to

Atom from shoulder blade

Of a lovely blonde

Passing by

Whose presence elicits

An inexplicable quickening

Of the heart.

5 thoughts on “An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

  1. I like the idea behind this; and perhaps you are right, perhaps we are a random, accidental collection of atoms, gathered at a service station, waiting to be reconnected with those with whom we should be. Thought provoking writing.

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