The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part I (We Must Be Loved)

Poison cloud still hangs from

Imploded Vapor Mystic;

Thought she’d been left behind,

Turns out she had left her mind.

Departure left void that

None could fill

Were they to even find

Path through darkened mist of

Dead, decayed, undefined.

Mirror fold and


Must now see

Not two but three,

Not I but we,

No blood

Left to bleed

As razor’s edge once more


All evidence ran as

Oil from water,

Leaving clean and bright,

Innocent to the naked eye.


Do you

See now,

Image cast?

If ever we could…

Can you see in

Pool beneath

Waning moon?

First it is there

Then it is gone

Too soon.


Tell me

Do you see…

Do you see

What I see

In the silver stream?

A representation

Of what we are

Of what we could be,

We wonder

“Is it real?”


This is all

Well and fine,

But to tell the truth

It is all irrelevant;

We want to –

No –

We must

Be loved.

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