Through the Hard Winter

Lykke tells me
That in Iran
There is a saying:

Stand and resist in hard days just like “sarv” (the evergreen), let nothing wither your greenery.

Not only is this a beautiful statement of resilience,
But it is also another sign to me
That we are all not so different
As we are alike;
This has inspired
The poem below.

Through the hard winter
Life goes on;
The Evergreen grows,
Even though it’s roots are covered in thick white snow that freezes to ice and grips them tightly beneath,
Even though the air hangs low in temperatures that make those from countries which do not see such cold shudder and exclaim,
Even though the sun has not touched the needles of the tree in weeks and the only forecast is of further darkness.

May the green of the sarv remain;
As so may the hope remain
In you.

Though there will most certainly be,
Likely already have been,
And might currently be,
Days where you find yourself standing
Alone in the forest amongst
Wolves and ravens which move in the shadows beyond your line of sight,
Do not forget that these animals are fearful too,
And you will survive to the next morning when
The sun will break over the hillside
And the light will fall at last on your grateful form,
Graceful in repose.

8 thoughts on “Through the Hard Winter

    1. You are very welcome. I am sure you understand, as don’t often know where our words go (or often where they come from), but it is meaningful to sometimes know they went to where they were appreciated or even needed. 💙

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