Dear Jon (Andy the Creep)

Dear Jon,
Oh, my sweet, sweet Jon,
I hear you have a lady friend;
How good for you.

I also hear you like to make women feel
As if they are a lesser form of human
And that Jon,
That is not okay.

Dear Jon,
Do you have any idea
How long the memories
Of the asinine things you say
Remain in the hearts and minds of those you say them to?
Do you really understand
The weight of those words that come from between your pretty little lips,
as tepid and childish as they are?

Oh Jon,
A name with such history…
Do you know that John was the name of a very great man
A man who followed
An even greater man,
That the legacy which bestowed upon you your title
Comes from that very source?
Perhaps this is why your name has been simplified,
You simple fool;
You are a shame on the legacy
As you currently stand,
Although there is always hope and forgiveness,
Should you seek it with honesty.

Dear Jon,
The world is a jungle,
Is it not?
I understand.
You are a panther in it’s prime,
And you are on the prowl.
Know also though,
That there are far larger predators amongst the trees;
Those yellow eyes watching you,
Are ready to strike at a moment’s notice
And tear you limb from limb.

Dear Jon,
Show due respect
Or be prepared
To watch your back.


15 thoughts on “Dear Jon (Andy the Creep)

  1. Dear Jon,
    With the kind blue eyes,
    I hear how you speak of me;
    You are not subtle.

    You like the size of my ass and tits
    And you hate that I’m wearing
    A large sweatshirt,
    That hides them both.

    Dear Jon,
    Do you have any idea
    How many similar comments
    Such as the ones you so loudly make
    I receive from men every time I work here in this bar?
    Don’t you understand
    That I wore this sweatshirt to cover my body so that for one night
    I might not feel your eyes undress me?

    Oh Jon,
    “But I’m not that kind of guy…”
    Do you know how many times I’ve heard that and believed
    It was true
    And opened my heart to trust,
    That this man doesn’t wish to hurt me like the others before him
    And been proved a fool?
    Perhaps this is why I find it so hard to give my trust,
    My sweet Jon;
    You see even in this sweatshirt
    That covers my figure,
    I feel your eyes burning holes through my clothing
    Scorching my skin leaving me bare.

    Dear Jon,
    I’m pleading with you,
    Can’t you see?
    Please pay your tab and leave this bar,
    For I have no hope that you are who you say you are
    By the feeling eating away at my gut.
    I pray someone hears my silent scream
    That will assure me I am not alone,
    And that I am safe.

    Dear Jon,
    You can do better
    Just make the choice
    Or I can’t bartend here any more.

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  2. Thanks for the reminder.
    I had a stepmother named Jon.
    She was a gold digger.
    I thought that Jon was the universal
    feminisation of the name John?
    Anyway, perhaps if you take the H
    out of John, that’s when things
    really start to go wrong πŸ€”

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    1. John or Jon
      H or not
      To behave as if
      Another human is but
      A tool to be used
      To acquire a desire
      Is filthy
      And wrong;
      Thanks for the reminder as well
      That disrespect
      Crosses many lines
      Which I believe
      Is a large part
      Of the problem


    1. Thank you. It was unfortunately inspired by a specific account of, as well as the numerous prior instances of unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment, and flat-out sexual assault I have witnessed and experienced, particularly lately as I have begun to talk and listen with intent to many of the women in my life in such subjects. I pray some day that we can learn and this poem will be a relic of the past.

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    1. Isn’t it amazing! She is so talented and good at channelling her pain… So much hurt and she expressed it so beautifully.

      Thank you for reading and leaving this comment. It means a lot to be and I hope a lot to her. πŸ’™

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