This piece was written in collaboration with the light-bringer Lykke, my dear friend whose prose inspired a deluge of thoughts and actions, as well the words below. My sincere thanks to her for all we have discussed and all we still have to learn from each other.

When my day starts here
Your day already is on the verge of its end point.
The magic of milestones…
When you look at the first sparks of the sun,
which says hello to a new bright day,
It's time for someone in another world with another culture to say goodbye
To the last lights in the horizon of life…
This is how it works.
The magic of "humanity"
And what the hell,
We call it "peace" and "friendship",
Always speaks louder than milestones…
I always BELIEVE that friendship is as pure as a fresh air and as powerful as cool water in the Sahara,
Which can connect everyone
To each other
Beyond any culture or any time or date differences…
Now "the world"
(this old man)
Needs more than anything
To take a sip of friendship and let the veins of life fill with happiness.
I believe any small movement can make a great typhoon in this universe,
Just like a butterfly 🦋
Markers to indicate
Relative proximity,
Where others have been before
As well as
Where we are headed.
Waking to
New light falling through the frozen pane of glass
Separating what is in
From what is
At the same time connecting
What is here
To what is not.
This is how it has always been.
The world turns faster these days
And our voices are so loud,
They often travel faster than the light can bend.
I have always believed
That the trivialities of life
Fear and hatred
Anger and violence
Are as stones falling
Through an ocean
Of Love and understanding
Radiating across and throughout the void of space and time.
The child grows and greys and dies
And is re-born
In the words between
You & I
As hearts beat in unison
With the sound of friendship.
I believe
That each and every word
Each movement of the human heart
Is a milestone
In a journey that spans time itself
Culminating in
Holy union
Of heart
Of mind
Of soul.

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