On a Sunday Morning in October

There is a soul sickness in the church.

I can smell it on them
As they stumble in to the American Legion on Burma Ave
And proceed to verbally and emotionally abuse the serving staff
Then retreat to their huddled circles
To debate whether their all-encompassing love
Could ever be extended to those whose values differ
From the interpretation they have taken of words spoken by a man (?) much wiser than they could ever comprehend.

8 thoughts on “On a Sunday Morning in October

      1. “If you believe in justice
        If you believe in freedom
        Let a man live his own life
        Rules and regulations,
        who needs them?
        Throw ’em out the door, yeah
        Somehow people must be free
        I hope that day comes soon”
        ~ Graham Nash

        Jesus came to set men free.
        In a way, he was the original
        hippy ✌️ ☮️ 😎

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