“We’re Going to Talk About Judy”

This is
Not a poem,
At least not
As you are used to,
But I
Have been quiet;
It is not for lack of love,
As I have missed you dearly,
I simply had
Nothing to say.

I finally have
Something to say.

9 thoughts on ““We’re Going to Talk About Judy”

    1. Exactly. 🙂

      Judy is a fictional “character”, but based on interpretation (which is truly quite vast), she is more of a representation of various concepts in the 1990’s (recently revived in 2018) television show Twin Peaks. Judy is manifest as a corrupt/evil entity that threatens all of humanity and must be stopped, through an indulgent and enigmatic plot involving time travel, multiple dimensions, and a wide variety of impressively deep (or lovably insane) analogies and symbolism used. Twin Peaks is itself a rather bizarre and fantastically ripe-for-interpretation tapestry of creative work that writer/director/painter David Lynch made with a guy named Mark Frost back in the 1990’s, has picked away at over the years with various books and multimedia, and recently “revived” in the form of a single season run of some of the strangest and most intriguing visual storytelling that I have had the pleasure of analyzing.


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