At Times, We

At times, we
Want so badly for something to believe in
That we will believe

At times, we
Want nothing more
Than for everything to go
As it is supposed to,
As it should,
As we so badly wish it would,
But just as often
We find
That life proceeds
In a direction unplanned and for which we are utterly

At times, we
Hope for the best,
That we might know ourselves
And that we might make good decisions
When confronted with choices
That we might look back and believe,
That we led a life worth living,
That we learned from our mistakes,
As well as the mistakes of others.

At times we,
Realize with utmost resolution
That life is not just a thread into which our lives are dyed
It is so much more.

Life is a collision
Of lives and their vibrations,
Of stories and of truths,
Of triumphs and of failures,
A surge of growth
And an eventual slowing of particles,
As we all are slowly woven
Into the fabric of time,
Into the history of all that we see,
Into a tapestry of time,
A witness to
And a chronicle of
All that transpired.

At times, we
All that has come before.

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