Waiting to Be

There was a time when our dreams
Were just within reach
There was nothing that could not be accomplished
Nothing we could not attain
And all that stood between
What is and what could be
Was our own imagination

Now so many days have passed
And it can feel
Like all we have acquired
Is an emptiness that slowly grows
Fed by our desires
And the perception we have
That they cannot be met

Our hearts grow tired
And we are worn thin
Sleeping later and later each day
Looking out the window
And thinking only of opportunities missed
Rather than seeing
Those that still await

And resentment thrive
In fertile beds of broken promises
Nourished by doubt
And diminished expectations
As we see only what could have been
Ignoring what still could be

For I have learned
And am learning still
That opportunity abounds
In each and every minute
That though we may fail
Or even fail to act
There is always hope

So long as we do not give up
So long as we persist
We can still dream
And those dreams are within reach
For in each minute there are endless possibilities
Just waiting
Waiting to be

13 thoughts on “Waiting to Be

  1. Another encouraging piece. ❤️
    “For I have learned
And am learning still”
    Is hope simply a decision one chooses?
    I wonder,at times, if it is only the fruit of perseverance. The courage to just keep moving joined with moments of being still … balance when one is heavier? Yin and yang. Interconnectedness.
    Lovely piece. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Liefladee, this is a lovely response… I wonder that often myself. I believe that the truth lies somewhere in between… Hope arises from moments where it is needed – it is always present. I believe the ability to see it, and grasp it firmly, is the elusive element.

      Thank you for the thoughtful and thought-provoking response. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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