What It Is to Rise and Fall

It is said We are born of the soil No more than dust made flesh Destined as such to return someday Scattered as it were To every corner of the turning Earth If this is so I should hope we may one day know What it is to rise and fall To move with the … Continue reading What It Is to Rise and Fall

A Bolt Across Azure Skies

Sometimes it comes Without notice Without warning With a flash A bolt across Azure skies Arcing From the great expanse To the great below At times There is devastation left in its wake Blackened trees And split earth The smell of burnt air Long after the sudden storm And sometimes still It leaves no trace … Continue reading A Bolt Across Azure Skies

With a Breath

Smoke curls gently from the end of a lit cigarette Hanging in the air The light filtering slowly through As the clouds drift aimlessly in the open air Before falling softly to the floor below For a moment I am lost My mind captured in the swirling smoke Twisting and floating Moving aimlessly against minimal … Continue reading With a Breath